Building on its more than a decade of experience facilitating and fostering knowledge transfer between countries, the C3 Summit International seeks to strengthen its legacy by bringing people together. Simply stated, the C3 mission is to promote bilateral cooperation with an effective and sustainable "dialogue," for health development through a global collaboration. At the national level, collaboration among countries can create momentum for change and contribute to renewed dialogue on national healthcare policies. These results can be multiplied through intercountry exchanges, which then have the potential to impact subregional and regional integration processes as well as global health policy debates. All these processes create important opportunities for dialogue and healthcare diplomacy among countries. All levels of health development then benefit from the innovations and important lessons that emerge around shared values and common problems to reach much-needed public health solutions. As the support for C3 Summit International has expanded, it has enriched the dialogue among participating regions by presenting new healthcare challenges and ways of thinking about solutions from international cooperation.